X1 Games: Software Development

At X1 Games, we don’t just make software that meets a minimum viable product, but we make sure that all our code is semantic, and the end-user will never be left disappointed. We have a pledge that our customers will forever decide the fate of our projects, and that money will never be the root of an action.

Game Development

As it says in our name, we pride ourselves on making affordable games that are accessible to all. The vast majority of our games are free, however our array of premium games will undoubtably be of an extraordinary quality.
Take our game Ball Digger, for instance. The game has a rich storyline, addictive gameplay, 80 levels, and furthermore, it’s free. But despite that fact, it is still actively updated whenever a bug is found in the game.
Another example is The Dystopian Escape, one of our premium games. We’ve spent 6 months trying to rid the game of a single bug, in an attempt to make the experience for our patrons much more enjoyable. The game is also accessible to all- only one button ever has to be pressed at once, and there’s no quick-time elements, meaning that the physically impaired can still play The Dystopian Escape as well as everyone else. As for the cost, no micro-transactions; no nonsense.

Our Games

Software Development

Contrary to our title, we also make high-quality applications for web, desktop, and mobile. Our software can range from basic calculators, to teacher-replacing algorithms, to full scale web applications- frontend and backend.

Our Software


Our open source endeavours

We complete a lot of open source projects at X1 Games on GitHub; mostly under the GNU GPL v3 license.

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